Hope is like a drug; one takes it and forgets one’s sorrows. Like any other drug, when the intoxication wears, one feels miserable. Hope is more dangerous and addictive than any other drug, because it is legal, encouraged, free and readily available, and when the illusion is shattered, one sinks into a greater depression.

We hope everything will be better tomorrow, and it keeps us going today. How is that unlike taking a drug to take the edge off today?

When one accepts one’s circumstances, one becomes content and happy with one’s today, with the additional benefit of living one’s today to the fullest rather than living for the next day that may never come.

Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, it is an insane way to live.
— Eckhart Tolle

It is not about resigning oneself to the belief that everything has a purpose, that everything happens for the best or that whatever happens is a blessing in disguise. It is about not enquiring as to why, and going with, “That is how it is”, regardless of reason, and that has an additional benefit  of conserving one’s energy by not having to think about it in an attempt to justify one’s circumstances to oneself.

Acceptance is the permanent and universal cure to our temporary and changing circumstances.

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  1. stumbled upon this website quite by chance…. and was glad…. very nice writing style and very thought full thoughts… felt nice…. thank you… dont often stumble upon stuff like this….
    just a small thing id like to add….while living in the present, hope vanishes because the future vanishes….if hope exists man is living in the future for he is unhappy with the present….. stop hoping to start living….what you get is generally better than what you hope for… we have our limited viewpoints that keep changing…what we feel is beneficial today, tomorrow becomes harmful…. let us not be the judge of what should be hoped for, instead let us learn to enjoy what has been provided… happinness or sorrow….
    hope to hear more from you…. will keep coming back….keep writing…hope to stay in touch…
    om namah: shivay
    let there be peace

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