Grow up, men

Women taunt men at large that they never grow up. Some make clever remarks like, “Age – few women admit theirs and few men act theirs”.

If men were to grow up mentally, they would no longer need things to play with or put in their mouth. So they would no longer need to pursue women. Love without physical intimacy, on the other hand, can be had in other types of relationships. Reproduction would be a medical procedure with child-ownership legal contracts and sperm and egg trading auctions replacing the romance industry. Needless to say, women would lose their only leverage over men and the edge to make sarcastic remarks as a form of entertainment.

If men (and women) were to grow up spiritually, they would not crave the affection and emotional intimacy of one “special someone”.

So, do women really want men to grow up? Of course not. Men are most advantageous as dependent children.

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