O Beloved

You are someone unseen, unknown
Yet you are always on my mind
You may be afar
But you are very close to my heart
I sleep with your dreams
I rise in your thoughts
Wherever I look I see you smile
I may be alone or in company
I think of you, your thought makes me lonely
Emerge from these beautiful thoughts
This wonderful and romantic night
’Cause I am lonely
Seeking your love only
Every evening your veil covers
My eyes filled with your dreams
Every night your bangles sing to me
Let there be no barriers between you and me
Emotions have stirred my heart
Whispering to me
Is it she?
Now again your thoughts have come to me
Again the flame of love is burning bright
Tell the world not to block the path of love
Say to me that you are my love
And have come to stay in my home and heart
I am incomplete without you
So come and make me complete
For you are the better half of me

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