The themes of my paintings are Meditation and Nature.

Whenever I saw the work of artists I thought it was the privilege of a chosen few, until I held the brush for the first time at the age of 67. It was absolutely unbelievable. In wonder I saw and realised that it is all God’s blessing and that there is an artist in everyone.

I am inspired by nature – snow-capped mountains, lakes and waterfalls. Here in Canada we are surrounded by nature. Initially I started with landscapes using water colours, gradually shifting to oil paints and trying my hand at figures and forms. I am absolutely amazed.

I feel restless until I complete a painting. My imagination keeps working till it takes shape on canvas.

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  1. Nani, this is sooooo amazing.Congratulations 🙂 People struggle to get their art sold for years and look at you go..
    the painting is simply beautiful.
    Love -Komal

  2. ur painting is awesome it shows ur positivity about life. pls show more painting here i will be thankful to u. mumbai mein bolu to mast hai with regarda rakesh bajaj

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