Appearances are Deceptive

If a car and a bicycle collide, the driver of the car is more often than not held to be the one at fault, even if he or she might be the victim, because the car has the greater physical potential to cause damage, and only physical characteristics are ordinarily considered. The same goes for abuse in relationships. Men are ordinarily considered to be at fault due to their physical characteristics; and feminist dogma leverages such gender profiling by dictating that men are naturally oppressors and women are naturally victims.

Women are acutely aware of this societal advantage and a large proportion of them, citing patriarchy and oppression by men as a weapon of covert emotional abuse, guilt men into submission so they can dominate and ill-treat them on an ongoing basis. This form of abuse while rampant is never made an issue of, because men often endure oppressive relationships just for fear of ‘rocking the boat’ of their seeming smooth-sailing relationships, because they are too weak to be without the woman.

Do you not hear women refer to themselves in the collective, as in “we women” and putting-down husbands, boyfriends and men overall?

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