Gary Bajaj

March 8th, 2007

About Me

This page was originally a brief note about me as the author of the web site of Eskay Business Service Centre (EBS), a family business. Business web sites being uncommon at the time (April 1996), visitors were surprised to learn that I, as a Director of EBS and a non-programmer at that, had authored the site in raw HTML. Eventually this page became about my passions, interests and tech talk. Then about the person behind BITNETS, as people became curious when the business won the Chamber of Commerce 2003 Info-Tech Award of Distinction in October 2003. If you have indeed been looking for me, please read on.

I consider myself a generalist; spiritual adviser, technologist, visionary, inspired organic cook, mixologist… you name it. I have read online extensively and developed understanding of diverse subjects, like medicine, nutrition and biochemistry. Just no interest whatsoever in sports, politics and current affairs. I eat healthy, organic as much as possible, and not junk foods, though I can’t live without pizza and Swiss fondue. I am a foodie and enthusiastic about trying exotic food and especially am fascinated by innovative mixed drinks and pizzas in different countries. I follow my passions, whatever those might be on a certain day.

Business Activities

I founded BITNETS in March 1999 and it operated in cyberspace until 2002, at which time it was incorporated and we moved to new retail and office premises in a picturesque town plaza setting. I have offered similar services [as BITNETS does] since 1997 operating as PagePerfect Corporation, a business that was formed in the early 90s.

I have broad experience. First as a systems administrator [having both Windows and FreeBSD experience], by definition I am an ultimate generalist of computing. I specialize in Internet technologies since communications are my passion. I apply that passion to my work, so you can with confidence entrust services that you depend on, such as messaging solutions, to BITNETS – and which confidence you can only get from a business driven by passion. I have worked with computers since 1987 and with the Internet since 1995.

Besides technology, I have management experience since 1988 and accounting experience since 1990.  EBS was a facility offering executive suites and business services, and was renowned in its time as an incubator to many small businesses. That is where I picked up on legal and writing skills and gained experience, working with my father who, had he chosen to be a professional, would have definitely made a good solicitor. My writing skills improved when I took business courses at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 2000–2001, as part of the Computer Systems Technology program.

I have applied my skills to developing vertical solutions for the export, business services and property management businesses that I have been associated with, including business process documentation and technical writing.

I have always worked smart by deploying two key elements, automation and delegation. I try to not micro-manage everything, but usually end up doing so if I find things are not being done right and in a timely fashion. I take my responsibility very seriously, to my own detriment in my personal life. I have a no-nonsense management style that keeps BITNETS operating efficiently and able to deliver quality service on time while being cost effective.

I consider myself to be an honest and conscientious person, which is why the way I choose to run the business, our commitment to consulting as opposed to value added reselling in the guise of consulting exceeds the ethical standards of both the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Information Processing Society.

Most of my business decisions are made on intuition, not financial sense. My definition of intuition, aka sixth sense or gut feeling is: the conclusion your subconscious draws from the sum total of all your experiences, knowledge and values. I choose to not override the inner voice with logic and economics. I also seem to know a lot about persons without ever having met them, which I attribute to tell-tale signs that bring up a certain profile in my mind without consciously relating the person to anyone I have known.

I can go off on a tangent talking about experiences, and employees at BITNETS who have worked closely with me would bear witness to the many stories I have to tell. I seem to be good at analogies and stories with morals. I used to love Aesop’s Fables. I try to pass on lessons I have learnt from life to anyone who is interested, and continuously try to learn from my own as well as others’ mistakes.


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