May 10th, 2008

+ Biography:

I practice excellence as a habit and I am naturally diligent and meticulous in thought and deed, so I focus on and excel in a single task at a time by giving it my undivided attention. I love gadgets and started learning and using computers in 1987, at which time one had to be resourceful due to high costs and limited availability, so the hallmark of my work is implementing cost-effective solutions with limited facilities, a life skill that I apply everywhere. I consider myself to be a person of high moral principles and ideals and fine personal qualities.

+ Synopsis:
Dual competence management and technical
Experienced Generalist

+ Professional Experience:

Management experience since 1988
Accounting experience since 1990

Internet experience since 1995
Mail server setups since 1996
Web server setups since 2001
FreeBSD experience since 2003
Mac OS experience since 2007
Applied Linux experience
Applied servers security experience
Strong sense of web design

+ Employment and Education:


I am constantly reading to learn whatever I get passionate about, taking a nutritional therapist online course, a spiritual adviser and parent of a teenager. I have also developed my passion for bartending and mixology.


Completed the course in Bartending at the Fine Art Bartending School, Edmonton, Alberta.

Volunteered at the 30th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, serving customers and pouring beer and other alcoholic beverages.

2008 – 2009

Sold major business assets.

1999 – 2008

Founder and Principal of BITNETS Inc., an award-winning info-tech business operating out of St. Albert, Alberta. BITNETS previously operated
(a) a computer retail store BITNETS PC Express selling networking gear and computer peripherals at which I, as a NAIT-certified technician, also did minor repairs of PCs,
(b) computer training BITNETS Cyber Kids for children of ages 2 to 6 for which I set the curriculum,
(c) managed e-mail hosting MAILHOSTING.CA which was a world pioneer in offering secure e-mail commercially, for which I single-handedly put together the infrastructure and
(d) City Plaza, a strip mall property that I managed.

My jobs functions have included accounting, finance, inventory, pricing, sales, invoicing, payroll, human resources, legal, administration, systems administration, web development and general management.

2000 – 2001

Completed several courses in Computer Systems Technology at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Edmonton, Alberta. Scored 92%–96% in most computer courses and over 80% in business courses.

1997 – 1999

Owner of PagePerfect Corporation. Pioneered the concept of high resolution fax advertising. Web development, web and mail hosting, site administration and consulting services that gave rise to BITNETS in 1999.

1988 – 1999

Director of Bajaj Brothers Pvt. Ltd. for eleven years. Supervised nine employees being in charge of its division Eskay Business Service Centre, a business providing executive suites and other business services. Implemented office automation, computerization of the business including export pricing, accounting, invoicing and payroll, set up local area networking in the early 90s, dial-in remote access for telecommuting and e-mail retrieval and established an Internet presence.

+ Technical Writing:


Electronic training manual documenting the business processes at BITNETS Inc.


The monthly Ask an Expert — Computers and Internet column published in the St. Albert Gazette [November 2002 – July 2003]

Internet Draft proposing fault tolerance and load balancing methods for e-mail retrieval, soliciting comment and possible publication as a Request for Comments (RFC) by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) [May 2003]

+ Honours and Awards:

St. Albert Chamber of Commerce 2003 InfoTech Award of Distinction. Nominated by St. Albert Economic Development.

+ References:

John G Williams, MP
Mary O’Neill, MLA
St. Albert Economic Development & Tourism

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