March 12th, 2014

Pseudo-feminists, aka feminazis, give true feminists a bad reputation.  They have been pretending that their goal is to abolish all gender discrimination and differences – no matter how reasonable.

The women’s liberation movement is not really a liberation movement. It is in fact just the opposite: it is trying to imitate man, to become as hard as men are, to do whatsoever men are doing. And remember one thing: if women try to imitate men they will always be carbon copies; they will not attain to their fulfillment, they will not attain the full potential. And they will always remain lagging behind. And they will become ugly too! The real liberation movement has not started yet. The real liberation movement will insist that the woman has to be more and more feminine, that she has to be rooted in HER nature, that she is not to follow men in retaliation, in reaction, in rebellion – that is stupid. No reaction ever helps. The woman has to be herself.

— Osho, The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty

The reality is, pseudo-feminists are out to punish men, guilty or innocent, as they have a grudge against them at large. Women routinely make domestic violence accusations just to get even, with no burden of proof or prosecution for perjury, and accused men are neither accorded due process nor considered innocent until proven guilty despite their reputations, jobs and money being at stake.

Such women are responsible for giving rise to misogynists.