Category Archives: News turns 15 is 15 this day. From its humble beginnings in 1997 as an information portal about the family, it developed into a blog in April 2008. The site has built equity over the years in terms of listings on portal … Continue reading

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It is my understanding that the Winter Solstice of 21 December 2012 marks the beginning of Dwapara Yuga or the Bronze Age of civilization, and all that it entails. Yes, I expect natural calamities to cause mass destruction of population … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Plants

I say “Yes” to nuclear power plants in the absence of the possibility of hydroelectric power plants and/or regulation of industrial and commercial energy usage. Nuclear fission provides reliable base-load energy and dependable capacity like coal combustion, but in contrast … Continue reading

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2008 Fall Show and Sale

My first painting sold on 26 October 2008, at the very first art exhibit at which my work was ever displayed. Five of my paintings were displayed from 24 to 26 October 2008 at the Fall Show and Sale of the St. … Continue reading

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iPhone in Canada

So how much does it cost to own an iPhone in Canada? $861 plus tax ($904 including GST) per annum including upfront costs and one-time charges annualized over a three-year contract period, since you can’t buy an iPhone without a three-year contract and the … Continue reading

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I am writing this post on my iPhone twelve days after I got it. I am “one of those” who got it on day one, but only after eight hours of waiting to get the white and only the white … Continue reading

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